March 2018
Introducing new Citizen High Current Chip-on-board LEDs - Applications include: bulbs, spotlights, downlights, high bay lights, street lights, flood lights, stadium lights.
March 2018
High CRI LED Lighting by Yuji LED
March 2018
Marl’s biggest panel lamp indicator, at 1 inch mounting, our redesigned and upgraded 671 Series offers effective and reliable indication to a wide range of demanding industrial applications where high voltage status indication is required.
February 2018
Nikkiso’s revolutionary UV-LED products work to sanitize and sterilize, clean the water and air, help create more germ-free environments, enable medical breakthroughs, and advance industrial curing.
February 2018
A popular product for theme park control panels, the 690 Series is UL listed, features a high intensity LED element, and is available in a range of LED colour and voltage options.
February 2018
When we received the order for the Marl 604 Series from 2B Heard Audio Solutions, with the word that they would be designed into BoomBocs, we couldn’t help but wonder “what are BoomBocs?”...
February 2018
We believe our 604 Series LED Panel Indicator is the smallest sealed LED panel mounting indicator in the world; and, where the 604 Series is concerned, good things come in small packages!
January 2018
Designed to allow "Fit and Forget" replacement of the less reliable filament bulb, both for new equipment and retro-fit applications, Marl's 206 series is available with single chip "Flat Topped" LED which provides high intensity, effective illumination of most types of lens assemblies in illuminated push button switches and lamp holders.