Leaf print
One of the resulting prints

Croftlands Primary School approached Marl International for help creating a photography project inspired by the school's work with local photographer, Naomi Bartlett, creating blue and white silhouette nature prints. Marl has provided perspex sheets to be used for the project.

The perspex sheets are used with light sensitive photographic paper to create the prints. The children will collect a range of small flat objects which prevent light from passing through them; they then arrange them in a composition on the light sensitive photographic paper. This is placed outside in the sunlight with the perspex laid over the top. After a few minutes of exposure to the sun, the perspex and objects are removed and the paper is submerged in water to develop the photographic image. The result is extremely beautiful - with a total of 176 children taking part to create the prints.

Diane McMillan, Of Croftlands, said "The perspex is key to this activity and a safe material for the children to handle independently – as opposed to glass which would be out of the question. We greatly value [Marl's] contribution to our project which relates well to the lighting industry."