October 2016
Marl are pleased to introduce the new Citizen Blue COB LED. A revolutionary product from Citizen, these Blue COBs are the brightest and most compact blue LED in the world...
October 2016
Well, it's been two years since the Marl Newsletter began....and what a busy year this second year has been!
October 2016
With the completion of the RGB installation at the Sir John Barrow Monument in Ulverston we have taken a look back at some of our other bespoke projects and installations; for example PAMELA Labs back in January 2013.
October 2016
The Marketing Team take a look at how LED Technology is growing within the Fashion Industry
October 2016
During September Marl completed a new and exciting lighting installation at Ulverston's Sir John Barrow Monument on Hoad Hill.
October 2016
Our new 525 Series may look like a standard panel lamp, function like a standard panel lamp, and have all the benefits of a Marl standard panel lamp, but the 525 Series is something a little... special.
October 2016
Meet SMT Team Member Julie Livermore; another of our SMT gurus!
September 2016
Following successful trials, Marl's LED lighting will shortly be adding some colour to the Sir John Barrow Monument!