3mm Discrete LEDs (Nichia)

Part No. Colour Luminous Intensity Lens Fwd Voltage Viewing Angle Links
NSPA310S Amber 4200-11800 mcd Water Clear 3.1V 35° Datasheet
NSPB300B Blue 3100-8750 mcd Water Clear 3.2V 10° Datasheet
NSPB310B Blue 1380-3840 mcd Water Clear 3.2V 35° Datasheet
NSPE310S Bluish-Green 3200-9200 mcd Water Clear 3.1V 30° Datasheet
NSPG300D Green 17600-49500 mcd Water Clear 3.2V 10° Datasheet
NSPG310B Green 5160-14800 mcd Water Clear 3.2V 30° Datasheet
NSPR310S Red 2400-6800 mcd Water Clear 2.1V 35° Datasheet
NSPW300DS White 6720-18960 mcd Water Clear 3.2V 20° Datasheet
NSPW310DS White 3250-9220 mcd Water Clear 3.2V 50° Datasheet

All figures are typical values and subject to variation within batches, operating parameters, manufacturing changes etc.