Component solutions

  • Panel lamps

    Panel lamps

    Versatile and long-lasting, our vast range of panel lamps are available in a wide range of sizes and styles. Originally designed almost 40 years ago, multiple iterations of our panel lamps have been developed over the years to reflect technological innovations. Requiring minimal maintenance and created for reliability, our panel lamps offer exceptional value for money. 

  • Bulb replacements

    Bulb replacements

    Our high-performance LEDs are available with a variety of cap styles and bases to replace less reliable filament bulbs. Whether used in indicators, push button switches, annunciator panels or in illumination systems, our LED bulbs offer significant power savings and subsequent operational costs when compared to older lighting systems.

  • PCB LEDs

    PCB LEDs

    Our printed circuit board (PCB) LEDs can be used for indication and control panel interface purposes. Fitted with 3mm and 5mm LEDs in a variety of housing blocks, our PCB LEDs offer flexibility. Lightweight and able to operate on low power consumption, these LED components emit high-quality light without producing too much heat. MARL also stocks a range of through-hole complementary accessories.

  • Flexi Strips

    Flexi Strips

    The Flexi Strip makes it possible to create impressive lighting designs without restrictions. Specialist YUJI LEDs are patterned across a subtle and flexible ribbon-like strip, which can be moulded and affixed to practically any surface thanks to its 3M® adhesive tape backing. Featuring high CRI, flicker-free lighting, this product is TLCI-rated, making it ideal for broadcast, film and studio use. 

  • Surface mount technology (SMT)

    Surface mount technology (SMT)

    With state-of-the-art machinery at our disposal, MARL designs, assembles and tests bespoke boards which can be used for LED lighting as well as other SMT-dependant products. SMT can help to reduce product size and weight. Our Ulverston facility has the capacity to mass-produce custom SMT boards at pace.

  • LED bulkheads

    LED bulkheads

    Known for their outstanding reliability and optical performance, our LED bulkheads are suitable for rail lighting, commercial facilities and construction sites, as well as for security purposes. Featuring a metal base with a polycarbonate lens, the LED bulkheads are available in a range of colours and voltages. These products are Network Rail approved and are widely used on rail buffer stops across the UK.

Asphalt Zipper

Asphalt Zipper

Because of their robust nature, MARL’s 677 series LEDs are used in all manner of challenging applications. Here’s how Asphalt Zipper uses our vibration-withstanding component.

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