Speciality lighting solutions

  • Medical & scientific

    Medical & scientific

    Whether for research, examination, surgery or diagnosis, our multi-luminaire lighting systems can be used by the medical and scientific communities to support their vital work. We can develop custom lighting with advanced calibration for precise control of illumination including very low light levels. Our lighting software ensures lux level consistency regardless of setting, making remote research possible.

  • Film & stage

    Film & stage

    Using speciality YUJI high CRI LED technology, MARL can produce complementary product systems for use on screen and stage. Flicker free LEDs let you paint with lighting, allowing for imaginative productions with limitless possibilities. Our film and stage lighting lends itself to creativity. We work with creative directors and technical engineers to transform sets to specification.

  • Additional support

    Additional support

    Need support making your speciality lighting project into a reality?  We can help. Simply speak to our team about your objective and we’ll let you know whether we’re the right people to support you. If we’re not, we’re often happy to guide you in the right direction.

Alnwick Garden’s Treehouse Restaurant

Alnwick Garden’s Treehouse Restaurant

Equipped with 13,000 full spectrum LEDs, MARL transformed a popular tourist destination into a shimmering winter wonderland.

Samuel Heath

Samuel Heath

MARL worked with luxury bathroom accessory designer, Samuel Heath, to create a premium LED shaving mirror.

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